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Cross-docking is a practice in logistics of trying to unload materials from a trailer truck or railroad car and loading these materials directly into outbound trucks, trailers trucks and also rail cars. They would then get to load these products directly into outbound trucks, trailers and also rail cars with no storage in between the delivery. This can be done to change the kind of conveyance, sorting the materials that is intended for numerous destinations or combine materials from various origins into transport trucks and containers with the same or similar destination. 


The materials or products which are mostly brought to one central area would then be sorted out for delivery to a number of destinations. They would also consolidate the shipments where a number of smaller shipments would be combined into one bigger shipment for economy of transport. It would also do deconsolidation arrangements, where bigger shipments like railcars would get to be broken down into smaller lots so that they can easily deliver these products. When companies gets to use cross-docking such as from , most popular brands can be able to efficiently leverage its logistical volume into a core strategic competency. They have extensive satellite network of distribution centers that can be serviced by their own company owned trucks. 


The satellite network of the brand would get to send point of sales data directly to over thousands of vendors that are in the market. Each of their registration is connected directly to a satellite system where it can send sales information to headquarters of companies and distribution centers. These cross-docking mostly depends on the continual communication of the suppliers, their distribution centers and their point of sale. Cross docking facilities are mostly designed with the I shape, this is an elongated rectangle. The goal of utilizing this shape is to increase the amount of inbound and outbound doors which can be added to the facility while keeping the floor area in the facility to be decreased.


Cross docking methods are one of the best types of delivery methods for companies to send their products and services to their numerous clients all over the world. It can easily help companies to efficiently send their products and services to numerous stores that can sell their wares to customers all over the world. They can also get to save large amounts of money because cross-docking is an effective method to deliver products to their stores.


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